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Write your book

GV photo 1George Verdolaga is an Amazon best-selling author & keynote speaker. His biggest passion is helping companies, business owners and individuals get out of their own way so that they can reach their personal, career or business goals quickly and easily.
Before George wrote his first book, he was a little known entrepreneur with no way of leveraging his knowledge and experience. He owned an education business that was generating a 7-figure income.

After selling this business he went into project management, which turned into a highly profitable enterprise. After two decades of successful entrepreneurship, George decided to share my insights to help change people’s lives.

When the 2008 recession happened, lots of people got laid off. George wrote THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE to show people how to get a job for life by thinking like a business owner. He followed this up with THE JOB FARMER to help people find work using a high-touch consultative approach.  These books were followed up by two books that became Amazon best-sellers: THE GAME CHANGER and THE MAVERICK EFFECT.

George has been president of various business associations and has sat on several non-profit boards. He currently serves as a mentor at the Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) and AIESEC UBC.