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How Steve and his community teach us about God



After 20+ years as a pastor, the idea for Heartsong Church was born in Steve as the answer to a yearning for how people could come to fall in love with Jesus, and how they could live in a way that pursues that love with all the other people Jesus loves (that means everybody). His wife, four children and eight grandchildren are his treasures. And, his singular joy is spending eternal life with the Heartsong tribe. You might say Heartsong is his heartsong. In fact, that’s what he says!

Episode 127 matching your personality with your business success

Episode 127 matching your personality with your business success even though that not any particular personality means the magic bullet to success but you can leverage your insight with people skills knowledge to have a great formula to growth

Episode 126 Fill my basket project

fill-my-basketFill My Basket Incorporated started on July 19, 2016. That was the day I woke up and watched a young man purchase some groceries for strangers at a Kroger Grocery Store. I knew that I wanted to start something and a friend of mine from High School Disty Simpson said he would do it with me. We have been blessed to help close to 100 families now with over 5 events, Several News Articles and Live in the Studios interviews, radio and podcast interviews and was selected to do a Documentary on us by Green Buzz and Upworthy out of Washington D.C. You can contact me for further information at: Matthew Danuser 405-471-4773 Facebook @filmybasket

Episode 125 Driving forces behind our actions

Episode 125 Driving forces behind our actions; by using our fortune hand simple checklist you’ll get a clear picture how to bring different forces inside and outside you under control to make sure you’ll be successful in your entrepreneur journey

Episode 123 Ms Majd from Gaza Part 1

ms-majd-2The founders of GreenCake Majd and Rawan are graduated from Civil engineering department in Islamic University of Gaza, their experience in building blocks was developed after multiple training in several construction company. Their passion of material science has been shown during the graduation project where the idea of GreenCake was born since then. They believe that there is no limits for human being’s minds.