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Episode 149 Jonathan Friesen Mission Group

Jonathan was privileged to have been raised in a small Japanese coastal town on the edge of the Japan Sea during the rapid economic growth of the 1960s.  Having attended boarding school in Tokyo in the 70s and University in Los Angeles in the 80s, Friesen quickly gained a broad perspective, which pointed him in the direction of the business world. After settling in Vancouver in 1983, he began a career in property development by building high-rise communities in the Vancouver downtown core and resorts in the South Seas.  After several years, the Friesen family retired on the island of Grand Cayman and took part in a charitable housing organization.  By 2002, Friesen was ready to move back to British Columbia to reengage with the property development world. The dawn of Mission Group has illuminated many opportunities in Kelowna and the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.  Friesen currently serves in the role of CEO of Mission Group Enterprises.  He is primarily involved in corporate growth strategy, vision and the cultivation of strategic partnerships and financing.

Episode 148 Dr Cathy Key WorldTree

Dr Cathy Key is the Chief Operations Officer with World Tree ( Cathy’s favourite hashtag is #dollarsmakeadifference. Cathy has a PhD in Anthropology, specializing in the economics of cooperation. She has over 16 years’ experience in business development, marketing and sales working with organizations that include Telus, McGill University, Johnson and Johnson, University of Illinois and the University of British Columbia. As COO of World Tree what she loves is working with green investors who want to use their money to do good in the world. To find out more about the program, download the brochure or join a World Tree webinar.

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