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Entrepreneur roadmap to success

Dr. Bijan Nasiri is a retired physician from Iran, an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in project management and business consultation related to homelessness, addiction and HIV/AIDS. He is the host of the popular podcast called “Entrepreneur Roadmap” with more than 150 episodes, interviewed well-known guest speakers from all over the world. Check out the previous episodes at: http://everydayisnewday.com/podcast-episodes/

Today he has taken on a role of teaching entrepreneurs, families and individuals on how to make an informed decision about the most important game in their life: Money game and how to demystify it, using universal simple language. He is a passionate family man, love his 2 gorgeous daughters Paris and Ellie who bring joy to the home. His other better half is Lucy who moved to Canada 28 years ago as a culinary pastry chef and since then had several different successful businesses. She is the center of the house, graciously in love with her family and her community. In her mind and heart, all women especially moms are superheroes!

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