Episode 146 Sean Aiken – One Week Job

Sean Aiken is the creator of The One Week Job Project – an inspiring journey across North America in which he worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to find his passion. He trekked more than 46,000 miles, slept on 55 couches, raised over $20,000 for charity, and tried every job he could: Bungee Instructor, Dairy Farmer, Advertising Executive, Baker, NHL Mascot, Stock Trader, Firefighter, and more.  Sean’s been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Globe & Mail, on CNN, 20/20, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, MTV, and countless other media outlets around the world. His book, The One Week Job Project, is published by Penguin Random House, while the feature length award-winning documentary premiered on CBC. Due to fan interest around the world, Sean has since developed One Week Job projects in the UK, USA, Australia, India, and Vietnam. He graduated with a Business Administration degree from Capilano University with a 4.0 GPA and Class Valedictorian and he recently helped open the Wayfinding Academy – an alternative college in Portland, Oregon designed to support others in exploring what they want to do with their life.

Here is a sample – Lesson #4: Passion & Purpose
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Episode 145 Thealzel Lee E-Fund

Thealzel Lee is Founder, Director and President at E-Fund (VANTEC Entrepreneurs Fund VCC Inc) Objective: To invest in seed-stage companies with the potential of achieving significant capital appreciation. Founded by entrepreneurs and investors in 2011 to invest in promising new ventures in British Columbia in a wide range of industry sectors. We co-invest with other angel investors and early-stage venture capital firms on seed-stage companies with high growth opportunities, proprietary intellectual property, strong management teams and – most of all – defensible business strategies.

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Episode 144 Kean Wong

Kean Wong Co-Founder & CEO of STAR Producer Academy is a New York based award-winning film producer, TV host/speaker, and strategic coach to social media stars and visionary entrepreneurs. Kean’s recent film project, “Free China: The Courage to Believe” was an Oscar Contender for Best Documentary in 2014 and won 11 international film and music awards. It has been screened in 2,000+ venues around the world. Kean has been invited to speak and present his film at dozens of venues such as the U.S. Congress, Benjamin Franklin Hall, London School of Economics, European Parliament, and Google headquarters. An online star himself, Kean’s videos have generated over 25,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His passion is helping other mission-driven entrepreneurs become ‘STAR’ presenters and top producers in their industry, so they can share their message with millions while creating a lifestyle-friendly business.


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Episode 143 Hussein Hallak Launch Academy

Hussein in a serial entrepreneur who has built 10 startups. He is a marketer, writer and public speaker at heart. Outside of Launch Academy, he serves as theExecutive Director at TiE Vancouver, Instructor at Capilano University, Tech Panelist on Roundhouse Radio. He has been featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, DailyHive (VancityBuzz), Roundhouse Radio, Vancouver Courier and Notable. Hussein is also a startup advisor for several emerging tech startups.



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Episode 142 Peter-Paul Van Hoeken FrontFundr

Peter-Paul has over 15 years of experience in finance, investment management, and business consultancy. He’s held multiple senior management positions with global banks including ABNAMRO Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in the areas of corporate strategy, commercial and investment banking. Peter-Paul has also held management consultancy roles in Europe. Upon relocating with his family to Canada in 2010, Peter-Paul worked as a consultant for several early stage companies and experienced the challenges that they face in attracting capital. He realized that venture financing was not leveraging technology and in 2013, Peter-Paul founded FrontFundr to address this challenge and take on the opportunity to create the New Capital Market. He also serves as a Director on the National Board of the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA). Peter-Paul holds a Master of Science in business economics and finance from Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
twitter: @petervanhoeken, @frontfundr
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Episode 141 Jennifer from MuseFind

Jennifer is the CEO of MuseFind–the standard in influencer marketing. Her expertise spans between her 10 years as a professional soldier and now a thought leader in publications for Forbes, Havas Luxe, Digiday, Microsoft and United Nations on influencer marketing and has presented in both the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong. As CEO of MuseFind, she has now grown the platform from 14.5M impressions to over 70M in under 2 years.
Twitter: @themusefind
Instagram: @musefind
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Episode 140 David Allen

David Allen is an author, consultant, international lecturer, Founder and Chairman of the David Allen Company, a productivity training and consulting company that provides services designed to increase performance, capacity and aligned execution. They count among their clients some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, including over 40% of Fortune 100 companies. David Allen is the author of three books; the international bestseller, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (popularly known by the brand shorthand of GTD® ), Ready for Anything, and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life.

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Episode 139 Jayesh Parmar Picatic

Jayesh Parmar Serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of event industry experience, public speaker and featured personality in startup documentary DayJob. Jayesh Parmar is Picatic’s CEO/Cofounder and is listed as one of the world’s top 10 Tech Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Event Industry. Winner of SISO 2013 breakthrough event technology award. Visit Picatic, or follow Jayesh’s twitter feed @jayeshnews. Jayesh has received exceptional mentoring from The Canadian Technology Accelerators in San Francisco and New York City and was part of the 2012 Extreme Startup Cohort in Toronto.

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Episode 138 Brian Scudamore O2E

Brian Scudamore is a serial entrepreneur and passionate people-person. He is well-known for pioneering the professional junk hauling industry with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? which he started in Vancouver, BC. He’s added brands in the painting, moving, and home-detailing industries under the O2E Brands banner. A strong believer in ongoing personal and professional development, he has attended programs offered by MIT for several years. If he’s not launching a new brand or coming up with a new, big idea, he’s biking or hanging out with his family in Vancouver, BC

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Episode 137 Laura Furtado DivaGirl

Laura Furtado, still in her early 30s, has successfully built a millionaire net worth by being an entrepreneur for over 8 years, and is currently bi-coastal between Toronto & Vancouver. She is a serial entrepreneurial, being Founder/Owner of DivaGirl, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels and #SuccessBABE.

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