Jay-Z Backed Devialet Launches $299 Wireless Earbuds Gemini

Have you ever heard about the company Devialet? If you haven’t, that’s not a big surprise. It’s a French audio company known for their futuristic-looking stylish wireless speakers that cost as much as $3,000. Think about the combination of Sonos and Bang & Olufsen, with a higher price tag.

The company is planning to enter a different market now with more affordable wireless earphones, and it’s taking on the likes of Apple and Samsung on their favorite playground.

What can Devialet offer to take their share of the cake? The company revealed its first new product in two years – wireless earbuds Gemini. 

Devialet Wireless Earbuds Gemini Features

Devialet Gemini maybe looks like the every other wireless earbuds. Still, the company claims the Gemini will have three types of patented features that will bring their noise-canceling up to perfection.

  1. Pressure Balance Architecture will bring optimum sound quality, introducing cascading decompression chambers inside the buds to ensure the ideal inner pressure at all times. Custom acoustic mesh on the buds will block out the external noise.
  2. Internal Delay Compensation will help boost noise cancellation at higher frequencies
  3. Ear Active Matching will automatically adjust audio signal frequencies depends on your activities.

Gemini will include equalizer options, one-touch button for the playback and switching modes, and should be able to deliver eight hours on one battery charge, or six hours with ANC enabled. The Gemini’s case will provide around three and a half full charges.

Wireless Earbuds Gemini

Jay-Z Backed French Company

The earbuds should also support Google Assistant and Siri, and the Gemini app will allow you to scan your ear to help find the right bud tip size.

It’s clear that the French company, backed by Jay Z and billionaire Bernard Arnault, is entering a very competitive market dominated by Apple, but what about the price?

Wireless earbuds Gemini will be available to preorder from tomorrow, October 10, for $299. The prices in other currencies are £279 (UK), €299 (France and Germany), ¥2.380 (China). The earbuds will ship on November 25.

That’s not cheap, it’s more than AirPods Pro or Bose SoundSport. For this price, you can buy three new Google Nest Audio speakers! So, our question should be – are wireless earbuds Gemini worth it? All it’s features sound like a lot, but we still need to wait to hit play and make a final decision.

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