How to Say Numbers on Roblox – Quick Guide

Before we tell you how to say numbers on Roblox, let’s get back to the basics. Roblox is an educative game that will widen the mental horizon of an individual. It allows users to program their games and play games that other users design. This makes the platform a piece of information sharing one for diverse game lovers and tech-savvy. 

However, things can get a little sour when you discover that you can’t say numbers while interacting. An attempt to communicate with numeric on the platform will have the number hashtagged immediately. Users have complained several times about this supposed shortcoming of the game platform. Consequently, many people have left the platform out of frustration. 

Most users don’t understand the concept behind not being able to communicate with numbers on the platform. We heard many users term it as one of the downsides of the forum. Meanwhile, it is a restriction to check on the excesses of users below the ages of 13. 

How to say numbers on Roblox
How to say numbers on Roblox

The platform aims at controlling the flow of information among players who are under 13 years with the use of a chat filter. This restricts them from sharing personal data like house address, phone number in the chat. 

4 Ways How to Say Numbers on Roblox

Players who are above 13 can freely speak numbers during a chat. However, when they continuously use harsh words, they will have a chat system like an under 13 users. We know that this could be very frustrating for users. That’s why we will review ways to bypass this chat filter and find a way how to say numbers on Roblox.

Write Music Before Number 

For every restriction, there is always a means to bypass it. The first method of saying numbers on Roblox without limitation is by writing numbers next to music. For example, if you want to sell a bayonet for 50k, all you need to do is say music 50k, and the responder will understand that you mean 50K. 

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By doing this, you trick the system into believing you are writing the details of the music. Also, you can use an item instead of music. For instance, you could say car 8. One downside of using an item is that you can only add one number, unlike music that allows you to add a couple of numbers.

This method was working before, but many players are reporting that it’s not working anymore.

Use Roman Numerals 

This is another way how to say numbers on Roblox. While the chat filter has been programmed to flag numbers, it doesn’t have the capacity to identify Roman numerals. This idea may seem dumb, but it works perfectly.

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Use Roman Numerals: “Sell for VIk means 6k or 6000”

Instead of saying numbers in the conventional style, you can opt for the use of Roman numerals. Although, this method has disadvantages too. If you are not using a keyboard, you will have spare extra time online fetching it from Google.

Check the Roman Numeral Table

Meanwhile, it has also been discovered that not all under the age of 13 will understand it immediately. 

Use Roblox Game URL To Unblock 

While other methods seemed to be old fashion, this is one of the newest techniques to learn how to say numbers in Roblox. It was recently discovered that the Roblox URL has a way of unblocking the chat filter when it is pasted in the chatbox. 

It has no technical reason for this to be possible. However, it has proved to be very useful in bypassing the chat filter in an unexplainable manner. What’s more? This method allows you to say a wide range of numbers in the chatbox. 

How to say numbers on Roblox
How to write numbers on Roblox

If you are curious to know how this works, here is a short guide: 

« Open Roblox 

The first step is to open the Roblox game. Scroll to the chatbox, copy and paste in the box and click enter. 

« Ignore Emote Notification 

Once you paste the URL in the chatbox, the chat would notify you that you can use that Emote. All you need to do is ignore and proceed to type any number of your choice. 

« Keep Using the Number 

You can keep using the number till only God knows when. Note that numbers will be flagged if you don’t use the link before every message. 

Use SS Before Any Number 

This is also another way to bypass the chat filter. This will allow you to type numbers in the chatbox without being flagged by the platform. 

This is quite similar to the previous methods listed in the article regarding using music or item. It would be best if you typed SS before using the number. This method only permits you to use two digits after the SS. 

One of this method’s downsides is that most players won’t understand what it means unless they have been using it before. Also, you are only permitted to use two numbers. 

Open the Roblox chatbox, and type SS, then input the number you want to use. Note: It must not exceed two-digit else, it will be flagged. 

Request for the Removal of Safe Chat from Your Account. 

The truth is, all of the listed methods are not technically proven to be the solution. It can work this minute and misbehave the next minute. If you are tired of all these hides and seek games, you can contact Roblox. You can file for the removal of chat filter / secure chat from your account. 

This is one of the best and safest methods of the request is granted. All you need to do is prove to the forum that you are above the age of 13. Many users who have done this suggested that excuses like the wrong date of birth will have the request approved without stress. 

Just go to the contact us section. Submit your data, which includes, Name, Email address, username, Platform, etc. 

Open New Account 

If you have used all these methods and breaking eureka seemed to be a problem, your last resort is to open a new account. When you are opening a new account, ensure you submit your correct data. 

Final Thoughts 

It is okay that Roblox doesn’t allow users under the age of 13 to use numbers on the chatbox. There have been several cases of kidnap from the game. However, if you are above 13 or don’t like the chat filter, you can adopt any method listed in this review. 

The best bet is to open a new account as it saves from all stress.