How to Sell Clothes on Roblox? [Solved]

Hi there! Before we talk about how to sell clothes on Roblox, I think the first question should be, what is Roblox? If you’re reading this and you have no idea what Roblox is, well, just read on, I’ll tell you what it is.

In simple terms, Roblox is a gaming platform online. But what makes this platform different from other gaming platforms is that it allows for creating other games by different users.

What is Robux?

The Roblox is free for users, but it contains in-game purchases and not only that, but it also has its virtual currency known as “Robux”. By the end of August 2020, Roblox could boast of over 164 million active users in the United States alone, and the majority of these were kids under the age of 16.

Roblox Studio, the game’s propriety engine, allows users to create their games on it and then allow other users to access these new games and play them too. These new games are coded using the programming language ‘Lua’. This programming language allows Roblox’s environment to be manipulated.

Game passes, which are one-time purchases, allow users to create contents purchased by other users. Other contents can be purchased or microtransactions that can be made as many times as wanted

These are known as “developer products” or simply as “products”. When transactions are made and revenues generated, these revenues are split at an already agreed rate, so a certain percentage goes to the developer and the rest to Roblox Corporation.

It’s quite interesting to note that of the games developed on Roblox, most of them are developed by children, and an average of 20 million games are made in a year on this platform.

Creation of virtual items

As inferred in the earlier paragraph, players are allowed to buy and sell on Roblox, and not just that, but it also allows for the creation of virtual items that can be donned by the user’s character or avatar on the platform. Clothes are available for purchase to everyone but how to sell clothes on Roblox?

how to sell clothes on roblox
How to sell clothes on Roblox

Robux is our accepted means of exchange on this platform and you can get it in the following ways:

You can get it with real money.

Stipends given to users with the premium membership.

You can also earn it from other users through the production, buying, and selling of virtual content.

Gamers who have earned Robux and wish to exchange it for real-life money can do so using the Developer Exchange system on the website. However, users are advised to be wary of scams as there has been a considerable number of Robux related scams and is still on the rise.

One of the ways that Roblox showcases its uniqueness is in the array of different ways by which users can customize their avatars. You’ll find something that suits your tastes and personality. You can show off your personality with a large number of varying items on offer in the catalog.

Even though there are thousands of options available, you can also go a step further by creating your very own designs. But please do remember that clothing must be following the Roblox Community Rules.

T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants
These are just pictures that you can upload and display on your avatar. Anyone can do this, which is the reason why they are quite numerous clothing available. Seriously, just browse through the catalog and see. Or you could just create yours if you please. However, to do that, you need to remember, even though everyone can create a t-shirt, shirts, and pants, not everyone can sell clothes on Roblox. You can create a t-shirt for your use only, but you are wondering – how to sell clothes on Roblox? To sell it to the other players, you need to have a membership account.

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How To Sell Clothes on Roblox

To sell your clothes on Roblox, you will need to follow the steps highlighted below:

  • First, you will need to open a membership account or simply register for membership.
  • Second, you will need to be able to create clothing items. To do this, you can check out an article written solely for that purpose here.
  • Third, open the site. There is a blue bar at the top of the page, there, locate the Create section and click.
  • Depending on the design you have, select any of the Shirts, T-Shirts, or Pants on the left-hand side.
  • To the right of the item you wish to sell, there is a gear, click it.
  • Next, select ‘Configure’ and then select ‘Sales’.
  • On the sales page, there is an ‘Item for Sale’ option, turn it on.
  • Now, input the amount of Robux you wish to sell your clothing item for. Remember, whatever amount you select, the pre-agreed percentage of it goes to the developers while the rest goes to you. You will see this at this point.
  • Click on ‘Save’ and you are ready to do business.

Now that you know how to sell your clothes on Roblox, you can have loads of fun on the Roblox community with very cool looking avatars while you make some serious Robux while at it.

But before you jet off into the commercial world of Roblox, kindly note down the following:

  • Even though you need to register for membership to buy and sell on Roblox, you don’t need one to make clothes for your personal use. Also, you cannot sell clothing items for free.
  • There is a minimum price for these products; T-shirts are 2 Robux while Shirts/Pants go for at least 5 Robux.
  • And lastly, when clothes are sold, the Robux earned are placed in a pending status for seven days before it can be paid to you. This is called Escrow. You can check the Summary tab of your Transactions pages to view your pending sales.

Now, you know how to sell clothes on Roblox!

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