How to trade on Roblox in 2021 in just 7 easy steps

Trading on Roblox is a really great feature that will bring your user experience in this game to the next level. Getting the possibility to trade with someone else on Roblox is really exciting and this part of the game is focusing on your entrepreneurial spirit. When you learn how to trade on Roblox, you can later try your skills in one of Roblox’s popular game – Roblox stock market simulator. And get rich.

Hot to trade in Toblox
Roblox trading system

How to trade in few steps

In this quick guide you will learn how to trade on Roblox in just few steps.

Unfortunately, trading on Roblox is limited only to the players with subscription. That means if you don’t buy Roblox Premium, you won’t be able to trade in game. The good news is that Roblox Premium is not expensive and you get a lots of other benefits and perks after subscribing.

Joining Roblox Premium will get you more Robux when buying, you will also receive access to Roblox economy features like trading items, buying, selling and getting better revenue share from your sales in games. You can buy Roblox Premium from $4.99 per month for the basic package, $9.99 per month for the medium package and $19.99 per month for the top package. You can find more details at Roblox Premium official page.

BONUS TIP: Some of the main benefits are: Receiving more Robux (You will get 10% more when purchasing Robux), You can sell more (You will be granted to resell items and get more Robux selling your creations), Trading (You can trade items with other Premium members)

Let’s switch to the trade system.

This is a fantastic feature that allows players with subscription to trade limited gears, faces or accessories with almost 0% chances they will be scammed. You can trade or sell your original clothing you made from Roblox clothing templates.

Trade on Roblox
Trade on Roblox

How to send a trade in Roblox?

1. Search for that player and go to his profile page. You can only trade with the players with Premium subscription who are open for trade and have parameters set to include you as well.


2. Click on the “three dots” button in the upper right corner and you will see the menu. From that menu select Trade Items. That will open Trade Browser window.


3.Now you should see all limited items of yourself and of the user you are trading with. The only thing you need to do now is to pick the items you want to trade.


4.Pick the items you want to trade away (they will show in Your Offer list) and select the items you want to trade for (Your Request list).


5.There is a possibility you can add some extra Robux in the deal if you will it is necessary, but no more than 50% more from the current offer is allowed.


6.Don’t forget there is a 30% transaction fee you have to pay after the transaction is completed. It will be deducted after the other user accept the trade.


7.You have to click on the Make Offer button to submit the trade. After that move you will need to wait the other user to check your offer and to accept it or decline.

Inbound offers

If you want to check your inbound offers go to your trade page and check Inbound offers from the menu. If you receive any offer, you will see it there. You can do three following actions: Accept the trade, Decline a trade and select Counter to edit the trade. When you make a counter offer, then press Make offer.

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