Roblox Piano sheets and how to learn play it like a PRO!

If you came all this way searching for the Roblox Piano sheets and some help in learning how to play it like a Pro – you are really in difficult situation. 🙂 But don’t worry, I will try to help you understand its basics and give you some of my exclusive Roblox Piano sheets and show you some Roblox Piano videos on my YouTube channel.

Concert or upright piano

First of all, you have to admitt there is some kind of magic in playing Roblox Piano, running around the field and looking for the best possible option – Concert piano, Upright piano, Keyboards…

And then, when you jump in to play, you don’t know what to do and everything you can do is just randomly press the buttons on your keyboard.

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Where are the Roblox Piano sheets?

It’s the best for you in the beginning to look for some easy Roblox Piano sheets and start to play the keys from that sheets. You will see it is really not that hard, but you have to keep the rhythm.

I also got a present for you. Three videos with super easy piano sheets. All mega popular songs!

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Check my first video and try to read the keys from the sheet, because it’s really not difficult. It’s Ed Sheeran’s famous song – Shape of you.

While you are practicing, I will explain you how the things are going with music notes.

Roblox piano
Roblox piano

Roblox Piano is nothing more than a virtual piano on your keyboard. It’s not the first or the last virtual piano available. Roblox Piano has got 5 octaves (counting every 8 white keys) and it starting with music note C. In the real world piano it would go like this: C, D, E, F, G, A, H, C (only white keys). And every octave is like that, you can use the numbers behind the letters to know which octave you are using.

Real piano keys and notes

BONUS TIP: When you start learning playing from the Roblox Piano sheets, always start with ONE HAND version. When you practice your right hand enough, then you can slowly add left hand.

In Roblox Piano you substitute that music notes with keyboard buttons, so you are starting with 1 to 8 in the first octave. You got it? Good!

How to learn to read the keys

The next step is to watch my second video and try to learn some more playing. It’s famous Maroon 5 song – Girls like you.

Now, I will tell you which Roblox Piano keys are substituting the real piano keys, so you can easily look out for some real piano notes and easily “translate” it to the Roblox Piano sheets.

Real notes

For this I will use the third octave on Roblox Piano:

t y u i o p a s (white keys)

T Y I O P (black keys)

Real piano keys:

C D E F G A H C (white keys)

C# D# F# G# A# (black keys)

If you need the substitution formula, it would look like this:

C=t D=y E=u F=i G=o A=p H=a C=s (white keys)

C#=T D#=Y F#=I G#=O A#=P (black keys)

It will be easier if you just look at the photo!

Real piano & Roblox piano substitution formula

You can notice that H is replaced with B on the real piano keys, what is common mistake people make. Real piano note should be H and not B. Piano players are considering A# note as a B.

Now, it’s time to check my third video, you can also find Roblox Piano sheets here and learn how to play this song. It’s Ava Max and Sweet but psycho.

I will record more Roblox Piano sheets videos with more great songs, I even asked the fans to vote for my next video. Do you have an idea? Let me know!

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