Roblox shirt template | Top 8 shirts and pants in 2020 and how to create it

If somebody told me I will write about Roblox shirt template in 2020, I would tell him he is crazy. I have to be honest and tell you that I never heard about Roblox until my 7-year-old twins told me about it last year.

Hey, 7-year-old told me about something. Anything. I spent half of my life on the computer doing several jobs, playing games, reading, writing, editing, everything. And my kids had to tell me about Roblox. Crazy!

Roblox templates

How to make Roblox shirt template

It was last year, then, when I started to play Roblox with my kids. And I liked it a lot. It was our alternative world where we had a lots of fun. We still have. And that’s why, as a professional journalist, decided to write a few articles about Roblox.

DID YOU KNOW: After my article about Roblox Piano sheets and a guide how to learn play virtual piano, this one is the another piece about art. We love art. This time not music, but fashion.

We are all wild about custom t-Shirts, shirts and pants you can have in Roblox. What do you think about an idea to make one of your own? To design it and make a unique Roblox shirt you will proudly show to your friends. And enemies as well. But, how to create a shirt on Roblox? That’s why there are Roblox shirt templates you can use and make your own t-shirts, shirt or pants.

If you want to make your own shirt or pants from shirt template in Roblox, just follow these steps. Or look at the offical page if you need more details.

Roblox shirt template
Roblox shirt template
Roblox pants template
Roblox pants template
  1. You need Premium subscription. If you don’t have it, you can’t upload the your template. Check here for the details about Premium subscriptions.

  2. Right-click these images above and save it to your computer. These are the shirt template and pants template.

  3. Open these images in the photo editor you have – it can be Photoshop, or some free photo editing software.

  4. Start working on your Roblox shirt template. Here you need to be creative. You can do magic with just a little proper knowledge of using photo editors. T-shirts are the easiest to make, but are most limited to designing. Be aware that the ideal image for t-shirts is 128×128 size. Shirts and pants wrap around the avatar’s body, so you can be more creative in designing. The sizes are 128×128, 64×128, 128×64, 64×64, depends on the square or rectangle. Exact sizes for shirts and pants check HERE.

  5. After you’re finished, just save it on your computer.

Uploading your designer clothes from Roblox templates

  1. Go to the Create page.
  2. Click on Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts in the left column, depending what you designed.
  3. Select Choose File and select template name
  4. Click Upload.

The item have to be approved by Roblox and after that you can apply it to your avatar or make a business from it and sell it to other players.

BONUS TIP: When you learn how to make and upload Roblox clothing, you also have to learn about trades on Roblox. We prepared an easy guide for you.

I also managed to find a lot of custom Roblox shirt templates and designs. I picked my own TOP 7 best templates and you can see it below.

TOP 7 best Roblox shirt and pants templates in 2020

Roblox adidas shirt
Roblox shirt 2020
Roblox skull shirt
Roblox police shirt
Roblox adidas shirt
Roblox girl clothes
Roblox shirt 2020