SimpliSafe Keypad: The Ultimate Solution

Are you having issues with the security keypad you are using currently? Did it stop alerting you as needed? If yes, you need Simplisafe Keypad for the most reliable protection!

SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems are the best thing you can probably purchase if you want to protect your home and your loved ones from unwanted intrusions or disturbances. The company provides guarantees on each of its products by ensuring complete reliability on their high-tech engineering. Whether you are away from your home or in your home, the SimpliSafe security system will always keep you updated on the safety of the parameters around your house.

Let’s look at some of the issues we face with other security systems for which SimpliSafe Home Security Technology provides the solutions:

Electrical Keypad VS SimpliSafe Keypad Battery

There are many keypads out there which have flaws that result in easy robberies and armed assaults. Those products are not only a waste of money but also a constant threat to your security. Some keypads in the market can simply be unhinged and disconnected from the power, while others can be disabled by quickly hammering them down.

SimpliSafe Keypads are different because not only are these connected via SimpliSafe Keypad Lithium batteries but are also connected to your mobile cellular network and your Wi-Fi! This ensures 24/7 connection to the keypad without the danger of it being disconnected by means of heavy impact through a hammer or something else. The pioneering signal-burst technology gives the SimpliSafe sensors a huge home-covering range while conserving power. Hence there are no worries about changing batteries or losing protection!

Easily Decodable Software VS Separate SimpliSafe Base Station

Most security systems usually have vulnerabilities that give the attackers and intruders loopholes through which they can trigger off the alarm without any sound or alert. Some are either too large to handle simultaneously with unattended access points, while others have too familiar and common software codes that are very easily decoded by robbers today.

Unlike these, SimpliSafe Keypads come with a separate base station with deep encryption. This is located inside your home or at your office, making sure that the alarm keeps beeping even if the keypad located outside is smashed or damaged. The technology inside the SimpliSafe Home Security is infallible; it does not give the trespassers a chance to enter your house without causing an alarm.

Simplisafe Keypad

Unreliable Police Alert VS Video-Proven Police Alert

SimpliSafe Keypads are trusted by law enforcement due to 2 reasons: the police are provided with video footage via Simplisafe Security Camera. Still, they are also shown it live and not as a recording. This helps the police to reach the scene without you having to dial emergency numbers after the break-in.

Moreover, while the police are informed, the system security officer calls you up to ensure that you are safe and stays connected with you till you are safely taken care of. There is no delay or demand of proofs because the SimpliSafe keypads not only stay alert 24/7 but also keep “an eye” on the surroundings of your home, ensuring complete safety. While the alarm alerts the police, it also captures the identities of the intruders, making sure that there is enough live evidence to get justice.

Unnecessary Alarms VS Only Alerting Actual Danger

Many home security systems come with extremely troublesome alarms that are triggered even when pets try to enter the home. However, the SimpliSafe Motion Sensors make sure that the alarms are triggered only in the occurrence of unwanted intrusions. The system does not detect pets as it is equipped with precision-engineered motion sensors to detect the unique heat signature of humans and not animals.

Hence, you won’t be alerted with false alarms if any animal is around your home. Moreover, the sensors can differ between the sounds and impact caused by the windows shattering from outside the home and the crockery breaking inside the home. The micro antennas allow more protection and lesser hassle, which is another advantage of installing SimpliSafe Security System.

Manual Control VS Control from Anywhere, Any Time

Many home security systems are manually controlled; some alert the residents after the damage has been done. What is the use of such systems if we cannot prevent it first, right? Simplisafe Keypads can be connected with your mobile phone and be controlled even if you are 800 kilometres away from the base station. It not only sends alert text messages in case of some intrusion but also shows video footage of the boundaries of your house whenever you want to look at it. It also alerts you if you leave your windows open by mistake in a hurry and confirms that you close them before exiting the house. With the SimpliSafe cameras and motion sensors installed in your home, you are constantly aware of its security and can rely on the protection Simplisafe promises to provide.

Highly Technical Installations VS Easy Self-Installation

Most home security systems have large antennas and wirings to be attached to the powerhouse, and extra charges need to be given to the cable setters. In contrast, Simplisafe Home Security Systems are easy to install yourself. There are no wires, no drillings and no extremely technical procedures to activate the system; you just plug in the base station, place your sensors, and start protecting your home.

You can avail the utmost protection with its highly effective micro antennas, motion sensors and other equipment like SimpliSafe Cameras. There is no hassle and no extra payments to cable setters. There are monitoring services at very affordable charges every month to make sure your home is always protected.


SimpliSafe Keypads are not only from a reliable and trustworthy home security company but are also guaranteed to work as per your desires. With thousands of 5-star reviews and happy customers, all you need is to buy this reasonably priced system and rely on its ultra-efficient protection.

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