What is Roblox and What Makes It So Popular?

My house is full of electronics, gadgets, various devices and all kinds of technology. I’ve always been crazy about anything that can be plugged in. And it seems to me that I passed that passion on to the children. It will seem excessive to some, but my children rotate between laptops, tablets, cell phones, desktops, and Playstations. Mostly playing games. In fact, only a few games: Minecraft, Fortnite, Brawl Stars and – Roblox. What is Roblox?

You would be surprised how much children in school and even late kindergarten age know about these games. They talk at a level that is incomprehensible to us, my 8 year old twins use terminology that we adults don’t understand. Because of my love of technology and gaming, I quickly halved Minecraft and Fortnite, but what greeted me when I entered the world of Roblox was simply – fascinating.

What is Roblox
What is Roblox

The main question: What is Roblox?

What is Roblox? It’s not really an ordinary game. It’s a platform where players jump into different games and virtual worlds and, along with millions of other players, participate in incredibly addictive interactive entertainment. A huge part of the Roblox world is created by users, and anyone with a little knowledge can create their own game, which can easily become a big hit among gamers.

Just like with Minecraft, the graphics at Roblox are very modest, given today’s technological capabilities. However, the emphasis is on incredible creativity, playfulness and interaction between players. So in Roblox, in addition to a bunch of original content and brand new games, you also have mini versions of Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite, but also thousands of other games that have to do with popular gaming titles, but also movie and TV hits.

My kids play together, one on a desktop computer, the other on a laptop. And together they conquer worlds, race, collect virtual money, have fun with a team, run away from scary horror pigs, volcanic lava, adopt and nurture pets, solve mysteries and do many other things. Of course, I check out all the digital content my kids consume and I had to see for myself the charms of Roblox.

And the story is really fascinating. In the world of digital games, there is no such well-organized community that brings together children younger than 5 years and older. It is their virtual world in which they are completely free and in which they learn creativity, teamwork, competition, togetherness and various digital skills. Not everything is so bright, because in a bunch of different games there are also those that may not be suitable for children, so parental supervision is very desirable.

What is Roblox
What is Roblox

What do you do in Roblox?

One of the most popular games is called Brookhaven, and at the time of writing, as many as 420,000 players were active in it. In the game you are located in a big city. You can buy houses, drive various vehicles and even have a job. The concept of the game is reminiscent of the best-selling entertainment product of all time, the game Grand Theft Auto. My kids made me rob a bank (just wonderful!), After which we escaped through underground tunnels. Then I got a job as a pilot so I pressed the evacuation button and parachuted back into town and embarked on a new adventure. Basically, most of the popular games in Roblox are chaotic, but endlessly fun. And you can always count on some company, one of the millions of players who have some plan of their own and some party of their own.

However, the content on Roblox is adapted for children and most content is moderated, partly automatically, and partly through a number of moderators. For example, you can write something ugly or simple in a game chat, but that message will appear on the screen as a set of “hashtags”, for example if you swear, other players will see this “#######”. Sure, there’s everything in such a large player base, but in principle, Roblox is a gaming platform for family fun and games that are completely child-friendly. The creators of Roblox are very well aware that they must maintain the highest level of quality moderation of content because their content is consumed by children as young as 5 years old, so you must carefully choose what is displayed on the screen.

How to say numbers on Roblox
Why do you swear? 🙂

Wall Street recognition

Although it has been on the market for almost 15 years, Roblox has not been heard of globally until recently. At least in the adult world. Until he showed up on Wall Street. And earned an estimated value at $ 40 billion, with a growth prospect of 18% at the current price. It was a sign that Roblox had become a global phenomenon. And the numbers are in his favor. There are currently more than 50 million players and 8 million developers participating and creating new content. I hope you understand better now what is Roblox.

Roblox in-game economy

Roblox also has its own specially developed economy within the game, and the currency used in all games is Robux. In addition to premium content that requires a subscription, Roblox has monetized the game precisely through its virtual currency. Robux can be bought for real money and then used in games to buy a variety of equipment, clothing and various cosmetic accessories that make players special and different from others. In some games you can buy weapons, vehicles or special powers.

It is also possible to design clothes independently using an already developed system (something like a photo editor) and upload them to the game. For yourself or for sale or exchange. And this whole system of economics my 8 year olds fully understand and use effectively.

Create clothes in Roblox
Making clothes in Roblox

How does the developer-user relationship work? While Roblox is basically a free game, that premium content and buying Robux for real money allows developers to earn their share. For example, a successful developer will make a game that will later become popular, so many players will spend Robuxe in it, and the developer will be left with a percentage of that virtual money spent. When the developer collects enough Robux, they will be able to use the Developer Exchange (DevEx) program to exchange it from virtual currency to real money.

Can I become a developer?

The next question is: Who can create games in Roblox? Everyone can! The platform offers simple tools with which anyone can turn their idea into reality. Almost everyone can easily learn how to create games and even children.

“It was this concept that delighted Wall Street and potential investors. This is a completely revolutionary model. Creating this type of digital content has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and Roblox’s huge user and developer base puts them among the leaders of the new generation”, say the American investment bank Stifel.

When the Roblox story begun?

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel conceived the Roblox concept back in 2004 and launched the first version two years later. Very quickly, many developers got involved and independently created their own games that they could not play anywhere. “I had in my head the version of the game I dreamed of, but there was no such game anywhere so I made it myself on Roblox,” says the developer nicknamed Callmehbob, who created the very popular Roblox game Royale High.

Like many other digital content, the game exploded during the global pandemic and lockdown that was in effect in much of the world. The number of players almost doubled in that period, and estimates say developers earned about $ 250 million in 2020. Although many developers are amateur Roblox players, some have turned their game creation into a permanent job like the aforementioned developer Callmehbob, but also a professional Swedish study The Gang. One teacher from Singapore uses Roblox to teach design to his students aged 11 to 18. You probably understand now what is Roblox.

Future of Roblox

What is the future of Roblox? Apparently – brilliant. And as a potential investment on Wall Street, as an opportunity for developers and anyone who wants to become one, but also as gaming content for kids. The colorful worlds of Roblox have already won over millions of children from all over the world, but the diverse, original and endlessly entertaining content guarantees many new adventures in the years to come. Maybe not only for children …

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